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Meet Courtney

Certified Health Coach & Healing Practitioner

Courtney James is a California based author, health & lifestyle coach, energy healing practitioner and also specializes in emotion code and Holowave energetic techniques.


She grew up very highly sensitive to the elements of life and had to find ways to heal during her 11 years of traveling and modeling across the globe. Her own challenges physically and emotionally led her down this path to healing and reconnecting with peace and joy within. She was born in Perth, Australia but has lived in Paris, Sydney, London, Los Angeles and New York. As a co-author, she created a recipe book called ‘Models Do Eat’ to provide healthy, delicious and easy-to-make recipes. Courtney has been a regular contributor to numerous health and wellness outlets, including Free People and Mind Body Green.

Her goal is to help her clients feel self-empowered, vibrant and supported but also to release what no longer serves them to promote true embodiment. She is passionate about helping others find out what works positively for them to be at their optimum. Having studied at the University of Western Australia, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, the Den Meditation centre in Los Angeles and additionally learning the Holowave and Emotion Code techniques, she became aware that helping others make lasting changes and embody wellness is what inspires her.

Courtneys certifications:


Courtney is a certified Intuitive healing practitioner:



"Courtney helped me through a tough time in my life where my knowledge of nutrition was really damaging my life and health. As a model I was having a very tough time maintaining a low but healthy weight but I had no idea how to nourish my body at the same time. CJ exposed me to a whole new world of health foods and taught me so much about nutrition and healing. She has undoubtedly had a priceless impact on my health and life" -

Joanna Broomfield - Musician and Model (Thailand)

"Courtney made me feel safe and secure and was 100% on point with her readings . She was patient and gave me the space to talk things out when I had a question. She is an amazingly talented reader and healer. She has grace and patient that makes you feel she truly cares. Highly recommended!"

Jamie Ali - Entrepeneur (California)

"Sessions with Courtney have been transformational. She has help me identify and reprogram old patterns that are not serving me and underlining self-limiting beliefs. I now feel more self aware and in flow with my authentic path."

Jess Chatterton - Fashion designer (Brisbane, Aus)

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